Books read by MG Buds

Books read by MG Buds

  1. May 28, 2015 Grace From The Garden: Changing the world One Garden at a Time, by Debra Landwehr Engle at Tari’s house
  2. June 25, 2015 Days on the Family Farm from the Golden Age Through the Great Depression, by Carrie A. Meyer at Carol Downing’s house, discussion led by Ranell Makeever
  3. July 23,2015 The Red Garden, by Alice Hoffman at Mandy Raether’s house, discussion led by Mandy.
  4. August 20 2015 The No-work Garden Book, by Ruth Stout, at Jennifer’s house, discussion led by Jennifer
  5. September 24, 2015 The Wild Gardener, by Peter Loewer, at Betsy Hoelting’s house, led by Betsy
  6. October 2015 No meeting because of upcoming holidays
  7. November 2015 No meeting because of upcoming holidays
  8. December 2015 No Meeting because of upcoming holidays
  9. January 28, 2016 The Writer’s Garden: How Gardens Inspired our Best Loved Authors, by Jackie Bennet and Richard Hanson, at Pat Wengrow’s
  10. February 25, 2016 Henry Mitchell on Gardening, by Henry Mitchell, at Panera Bread
  11. March 2016 Cancelled, only two people coming
  12. April 2016 Bringing Nature Home, by Doug Tallamy, at Panera Bread
  13. May 26, 2016 Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening, How I Learned the Unexpected Joy of A Green Thumb and an Open Heart. By Carol Wall
  14. June 2016
  15. July 6, 2016 Farmacology, by Daphne Miller at Pat Wengrow’s home
  16. August 3, 2016 50 Plants That changed the course of human history, by Bill Laws at Carol Downing’s
  17. September 7, 2016 Two Gardeners: A Friendship in Letters. Edited by Emily Herring Wilson, at Mary’s Market at Edgebrook
  18. October 12, 2016 Grass, Soil, Hope, by Courtney White, at Katie’s Cup
  19. November 16, 2016 A Blessing of Toads, by Sharon Lovejoy, At Stockholm Inn
    December 21, 2016 Chasing the Rose: An Adventure in the Venetiqn countryside, by Andrea Di /Robilant, at Pat Wengrow’s
  20. January 18, 2017 Gathering: Memoir of a Seed Saver, by Diane Ott Wheatly, at Benson Stone
  21. February 15 The Drunken Botanist: The Plants that Create the World’s Best Drinks by Amy Stewart, at Benson Stone
  22. March 15, 2017 All the President’s Gardens, by Marta McDowell
  23. April 25, 2017 Backyard Parables, by Margaret Roach
  24. May 23, 2017 Paradise In Plain Sight, by Miller, at Benson Stone
  25. June 2017* A Patch of Eden, by Patricia Hynes
  26. July 2017* Unearthed by Alexandra Risen
  27. *June and July books were combined for discussion at Lori Walsh’s house on August 9
  28. August 2017 See Above
  29. September 22, 2017 Animal Vegetable Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver at Pat Wengrow’s
  30. October 16, 2017 Beatrice Potter’s Gardening Life, by Marta McDowell at Benson Stone
  31. November 13, 2017 Cows Save the Planet, by Judith Schwartz, at Benson Stone
  32. December 4, 2017 Noah’s Garden, by Sara Stein, at Pat Wengrow’s

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