Red Ribbon Rose Shrub

28 April 20222 the MG “Pathfinder” arrives

Needs a little weeding & Caine trimming
hoe & edge

The Red Ribbon

10 June 2021

19 June 2021

1st cycle is coming to an end. Lots of dead-heading.

13 June 2021

Red Ribbon Rose shrubs have over 150 blossoms. I think, at this time, the rose bed looks better (more full) than the last couple of years

4 June 2021

Shrub is starting to fill out, but wondering about the water:(.   Check out the picture of the buds. They are not like “the Red Ribbon Rose” buds. They look dry. It’s going to be warm this weekend….Sooooooo?????????????????

30 May 2021

4th visit this year and it appears to rose bed is a little dry. 😦


7 May 2021

2nd visit this year :).  Did not see any buds yet, but maybe next week!  Little weeding, pruning, and “messing up” the ground for oxidation.


16 July 2020

Not gardening all year, the Red Ribbon looked well taken care of.  Unofficial it looks like Connie (on her last year) has the Rose bed up to par.  The second picture show the newly (1 year) planted shrubs.  Looks like the shrub is getting ready for its 2nd wave of blooms.


9 October
The shrub is slowing down, though there still are blooms and buds. check out picture below:


As of 8/12
Weekly maintenance on the Red Ribbon Rose shrub bed; talked with 6 “walkers” in the garden. Counter over 100 red objects in the shrubs, and every shrub (but one) had at least 1 blossom. The one that didn’t was one of the 5 new plantings. Next week a new picture.

status (7/1)
conditions: warm, slight sprinkle

pictures show that the Red Ribbon is closing down cycle 1 of its blooms!

Status (6/24): Pruned and dead-headed the bushes this morning before the hard rain. The blossoms appear as a deep dark Red structure. No counting or picture today…BUT… for the five bushes that were planted yielded a blossom and a bud (that’s a count of two). These were to two bushes planted on the North side3 of he bed. Till next week. 🙂

Taken 17 June 2019

I like number so, there were 488 counts of individual “red” in the bed. This includes buds and blosoms. :). Out of the 5 newly planted bushes a count of 8 was added. Or on the average; red appeared on each bush over 30 times

Taken 10 June 2019


Scan_20190605Scan_20190605 (2)

All bushes have roses except for the 5 that were planted 1 week ago

Today, 4 June, 5 Red Ribbon Rose bushes were planted 🙂


The Park District did an excellent job prepping the Bed to planting.

1 April 2019

I have been notified that the Red Ribbon Bed will be replace in May.  Must be there!

27 April 2018

This morning was my first experience with the Reb Ribbon (RR) for 2018).  This is my seventh year maintaining this rose bed.   Today was just for pruning.  The RR had many new stems  and growth.  Didn’t prune the bush that fine (close)  going to wait for next week and give the shrub a little bit more time to establish (save the plant from my gardening skills)  1.5 hours

3 May 2018

Did a finer prune, and cleaned up the shrubs bed.   A little more dirt is needed because some roots are exposed.  1.5 hours


27 May 2018

The roses  are growing, but I think they are not getting enough water.  Need to talk with Sam.


22  October 2018

Closing down for the year

difficult year growing!

102_4014.jpg102_4017.jpg Want a bud for 10.22.2018

Red Ribbon 2014

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