January 2021 Book is All the Presidents’ Gardens by Marta McDowell

All the Presidents’ Gardens: Madison’s Cabbages to Kennedy’s Roses―How the White House Grounds Have Grown with America Hardcover – Illustrated, April 27, 2016

  • Coggswell a dentist in California donated a drinking fountain to the capital
  • Lemonade Lucy Hayes
  • In Teddy Roosevelt years the vegetable garden gradually disappeared
  • Preserved 230000000 acres of land (Teddy)7
  • Gardening brings possessiveness (location 1676 38%)
  • Throughout different Presidents there is always a gardening plan
  • Harding pea blue
  • What does balled mean?
  • George Washington and Mr. Burns

From March 2017

Would like to document that this book tells the readers the history/changes of the flower (garden) as our country evolved from its foundation. A few comment was made: about the roof garden, the early conservatories, location of the White House, contributions from the Teddy Roosevelt Presidency, and the land-grant that started the Master Gardeners program. Ron brought up the name Mr. Burns, which was used by George Washington in the 1790s, Ron thought it could relate to Mr. Burns on the Simpsons .

3 thoughts on “January 2021 Book is All the Presidents’ Gardens by Marta McDowell

  1. -talk about produce grow on the White House lawn.
    -John Adams liked trees also grew strawberries
    -old ironsides built with oak
    -landscape garden cemetery
    -cemetery is Greek for sleeping place
    -talk of landscape gardening with J.Q.A.


  2. 2021: 18 acers around the white house
    settlers liked Indian corn and tobacco
    white house was the center of all 13 state
    Washington was “plant happy”
    Moses lived like Moses didn’t see the promised land)
    Jefferson sent back plant specimens while surveying the land
    these plants shaded the White House


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