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  1. 11. In pots (three times the height of bulb (size))
    12. Choose a bed just for bulbs
    13. Create a bulb lasagna
    14. Plant bulbs between 6-12in apart
    a. 5. Disguising foliage
    b. 6. Best Bulbs for outdoor pots p. 127* (I’m interested in dwarf plants)
    c. 7. have bulbs fore short and long grass p.134*
    d. 8. Some bulbs like few shades p.136*
    e. 9. talk of rock garden
    f. 10. Maybe have a drought-tolerant scheme p.144*
    i. Use gravel for moisture
    g. 11. Prairie planting
    i. Drumstick
    h. 13. “forcing” is to imitate winter for a bulb to make flowers
    i. Choose container
    ii. Use peralyte
    iii. Moist growing medium
    iv. Put in cold place 10-15 weeks
    v. Water if needed
    vi. For forcing 11-18 eksw p.154
    15. put pebbles or glass beeds in bottom of a jar (for forcing hyacinths
    16. let foliage repeat again
    17. Bulbs are good for scents (scented fragrance) emotional it also atacts pollinators**
    18. Create scented bulbs planting areas **
    19. Cut your blooms in the morning. 2cm @ a 45 degree angle from the bottom of the stem.
    a. Use cold water. Desplay away from direct sun, drafts, heat sources, bowls of fruit***
    20. Don’t mix daffodils in a vase with other blooms p. 162
    21. There are top scented bulbs
    22. Growing season for buls begin with the coldest months of the year P. 167
    23. Snow drop kick off the spring show
    24. Crocus much loved dwarfs
    25. Crocus closes when overcast
    26. Crocus are used to brighten up a border P. 177
    27. Ways to grow bulbs
    a. At a height
    b. Humas rich soil
    c. Add grit before they dry out
    28. Ways to grow
    a. Don’t crowd them p. 182
    b. Like spot like under a canope
    c. Plant 2-5 cm dee separated by 2 in. P. 185
    d. Dispose of all fungi plants
    29. Snowdrops light up garden P. 187
    a. A. snowdrops is a perennial
    b. Moist and well drained soil P. 191
    c. Plant 10cm deep
    d. Plant 4-7 cm apart
    e. Move snowdrops at eye level.
    30. Amaryllis P. 197
    a. Has large showy flowers
    b. 3 flowers per stem
    c. Blooms 6-8 weeks after planting
    d. Maybe use a bulb planter for a center piece
    31. Dwarf iris p. 205
    a. Plant in early fall
    b. Look out for blums will flower ever other year
    32. Daffodil
    a. All parts are toxic P.206
    b. Over 200 species of daffodils P. 207
    c. 13 divisions of daffodils
    33. Daffodils like full sun P. 212 dead head for the next year mulch un fall
    34. Very versatile, but should be planted together p.214
    35. Use early blooming bulbs to create a magic carpets P. 217
    36. look at camasses Lilly of the valley bulb
    b. Makes great ground cover & barrenwort
    37. If your soil is heavy-use pots p.249
    38. When planting, plant more than you want**
    39. English Bluebell can cause server stomach upset*
    a. They propagate by self seeding
    40. Hyacinth are spring bulbs that are large
    41. Hyacinth bulbs are made to flower over winter P.258
    42. Bleeding Heart is toxic* like part shade moist soil. Mulch in fall
    43. Buy bulbs “in the green” P. 274
    44. Snow flakes attract pollinators p.275*
    45. Grape hyacinth P.287**
    a. Well drained
    b. Hate soggy roots
    c. In 5 or more bulbs
    d. Great for filling in spots
    46. Like trillium flowers p.296
    47. Mulch everything in the fall
    48. Tulips brings color and sizes to garden
    49. There are thousands of tulips to choose from, they come in all sizes p.301
    50. Plant 3 times as big as the bulb’s height
    51. Stars of the shade:
    a. Blue bells
    b. Lily of the valley
    52. Allium
    a. Fills gap between spring and summer p.317
    b. Hundreds of species
    c. Purple pom-poms
    53. Look at windflower*** p.326
    a. Adds color
    54. Orchids are under threat in the wild P.336
    55. Feeds Gladioli with tomato fertilizer
    56. Think of growing some day lilies P.353**
    a. Look out for slugs and snails
    b. Great for pots
    57. Iris are grown from rhizomes
    58. Get an unscented lily** p.364
    59. Lilies love full sun. Plant in late spring p. 367
    60. Peonies don’t like to be with other root p.385
    a. Like to be planted in ground p. 390
    61. Pretty pastels p. 410 look at fox-gloves P.410
    62. Bulbs in hot summer.415
    63. Bulbs don’t like to feel restricted Dead-head spent flowers p. 420
    64. Tall flowers might need stacking p.424
    65. Talk about choose plant & care for bulbs
    66. Begonia fill empty spots
    67. Talk of Angel’s Fishing Rod*** p.437
    68. All need space to shine off. Not good for container p. 449
    69. Deadhead flower to stimulate growth
    70. Plant bulbs in late spring p. 454
    71. For late summer lookat a sword lily p.455
    72. Glory lilies should be planted indoors p. 460 A showy climber
    73. Red Hot Pokers attractive to pollinators p. 468 (torch lilli
    a. Water well
    b. Beware of slugs and snails
    74. Blazing stars attract butterflies
    a. They are tough & hardy
    b. Tolerate some shade
    c. Add organic matter
    d. Once established it should still be watered well
    75. Create a ouch of paradise with flowering bulbs p.483
    76. Late summer and fall
    a. Bulbs await:
    i. Small crocuses
    ii. P. 488
    77. Look at waterlily p.521
    78. Has a cactus group
    79. Nerines are attractive to pollinators P. 538
    80. Crocus have 3 stamen and daffodils have 6 p.545
    81. Also bulbs up to the first frost p.556


  2. I. Why grow bulbs? It’s a magnificent forms of colors ands there is vitually no limit to display types of sizes. A type of bulb blooms every month of the year. Fills gaps of blooming flowers. Could be used as an eye-catching point P. 9. It’s a great value
    a. Flowers all the time extend period of interest
    b. Bring n multi-colors
    c. Are essential for flowering gaps bridge between seasons
    d. Creating a buzz (for pollinators) P. 16
    e. Bulbs come in all sizes
    f. Could be neat or natural
    g. Create a colored chamellon P. 20
    h. Maybe plant bulbs in containers p. 24
    i. Every garden needs bulbs p. 25
    j. Bulbs don’t take up much room
    k. The price is right! P. 27
    l. Bulbs are good for kids p. 30
    m. There is a bulb for everyone
    n. Choosing and planting
    i. Just pop in soil
    ii. Choose bulbs that are ferm
    o. What is a bulb
    i. Fleshy root structure that will develop into a plant
    ii. Gather food and energy in growing season
    iii. Stored in underground structure
    p. Change of condition causes bulb to go dormant
    q. Bulbs need to be firm, avoid sift (squeeze test) p.43
    r. Could take time for a bulb to bloom
    i. Early fall is for planting daffodils & hyacinths
    ii. Avoid rot or waterlogged conditions
    iii. Always plant 3 times the depth of its height. P.49 *
    iv. Add sand for bette drainage, slow-release fertilizer
    t. Bulbs don’t need much attention. Water once per week P. 53 *
    u. Feed with a potassium-rich fertilizer p. 55 (don’t use nitrogrn) (likes liquid fertilizer)
    v. Talk of lifting bulbs from freezing *
    w. Storing tubers p. 71 Look out for mold
    2. Easy plants for free
    • bulbs self-propagate create plants for free
    • they make copies of themselves
    • Bulbs should be divided after flowering *
    • plant off-sets
    • bulbs must be divided because of lack of nutrients
    • can take up to 5 years to bloom
    • propagate by chipping
    o divide bulb into 8 chips p. 86
    3. Nematodes
    • look out for lily beetles, pick off adults and grubs
    • Narcissus bulb flied
    • Throw away all infected bulbs
    • Look out for rot, avoid fungus, dry rot
    • Look out for slugs
    • Add soap in hole*
    • If you have a disease you need to wait 3 years before planting again*

    4. Ways to grow bulbs
    • In container (most versatile) Needs more water
    • In pots (three times the height of bulb (size))
    • Choose a bed just for bulbs
    • Create a bulb lasagna
    • Plant bulbs between 6-12in apart
    5. Disguising foliage
    6. Best Bulbs for outdoor pots p. 127* (I’m interested in dwarf plants)
    7. have bulbs fore short and long grass p.134*
    8. Some bulbs like few shades p.136*
    9. talk of rock garden
    10. Maybe have a drought-tolerant scheme p.144*


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