“Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life”

Date: 16 October @ 9:30 Location: Benson Stone


1. Was initially interested in mushroom and/or fungi
2. First garden was at hill top
3. A female activist who:
a. Wrote a biological report (women didn’t do this in the 1900’s)
b. Bought a farm (overpaid?)
4. Enjoyed drawing
5. Started writing with Peter Rabbit around 1901
6. She treasures her garden and her painting/writing. Each feed the pleasures of life.
7. Good bio – made me want to read her books and keep admire ring her artistry.
8. The scribe gave the book 1 star, but the MG Buds averaged out to 3 stars. (The scribe was taken some low blows for his 1-star grade).
9. We also talked about Beatrix independence.
10. We ended up talking about soil NOT DIRT (you had to be there)

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