The Songs Of Trees

This is going to be MY OWN talking points for this book.  This will be the start of our monthly book review:

What did you think of the book including its purpose?

To start out with, the title of the book (in my opinion) didn’t give much justice to what was written.

  1.  Talked about the Amazon  rain forest
  2. Energy from the grain and woods
  3. Soil contributing to CO2
  4. Rotation of earth and gravitational pull affects the tides
  5. Microbes and plastic in the oceans
  6. Our heat is going into the water
  7. talk of greens ash and insects
  8. use of charcoal – fire is burning out the trees and is making the earth hot
  9. city space as land in the world (3%)
  10. towns in New York and Denver and nature
  11. talk of dead sea to evaporate
  12. In Syria- Damascus gates of people in local market (of fruits) There is no water. Water comes from bottled drinking water.
  13. Air is a product of 400 million years of forest breath. “Rocks have desires”
  14. Bonsai plants can make you feel more tolerant and have more understanding.
  15. Acknowledgements started after 68% of the book

Buds comments

  • This author was overly descriptive with thought that diverted from the subject material far too often.
  • Written very  flowery – sometimes hard to understand his subject as he kept changing his thoughts.
  • When he stopped writing for himself and acclaim as a poet and just started sharing info it is very informative.  Otherwise it was a messy hodge-podge.
  • The interconnectedness of insects fungi and various insects was interesting





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