What A Plant Knows by Daniel Chamovitz

Author trained at Yale University

main thought was the use of light, so is their differences between plant and animals. Plants know more than you can think. They have complex regulatory systems. Has system to change it’s growth, or growing to defer aphids. This came from Darwin

shows jumping genes a characteristic of DNA

plants don’t have a central nervous system
plants don’t have a brain
all environment is common throughout their units (of plants)
chemical extracted from plants reduce fever
rubber for tire
gasoline from cycads
Lets loos scientifically the facts about plants

The first issue is sight
always turns towards the sun. By definition sight is not possible for plants (no brain). We use photoreceptors to ID colors of a rainbow
Darwin the Botanist
hypothesized the eyes of the plant was found was at the tip, not where the bending took place

plants know the color of the shirt, or where they are positioned.
They use U.V.

I give the book 2 smiley faces

The book club scored the book as a 4 smiley face. Very scientific and huge vocab in text.

other comments:

The author did a good job explaining the ways which plants and people share DNA but use it in different ways because of the differences in their anatomical forms. I learned something new in his explanation of our human sixth sense as well as that of plants.

However, it occurred to me when I reached the end of the book that when we’re reading this type of material, we need to check the publication date. The author’s assertion at the end that plants lack caring and emotional feelings has been disproven. Perhaps, all books of science needs to stick to what can be proven, and avoid presenting chauvinistic opinions as fact

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