The Story of More by Hope Jahren (Climate Change)

This book was referred to me from a librarian on 23 August, it was then downloaded on kindle.

Talking Points:

  • beware of the 2 Celsius increase in temp
  • GMO talk
  • spinning wheels
  • creation of dams
  • Green energy
  • transportation needs
  • watch carbon dioxide
  • consume less & share
  • we need to get serious
  • about 3 generations until……
  • think of earthquakes & hurricanes
  • Olympics are having problems for venues  world ice is melting
  • Earth glacier’s are melting
  • Bob Dylan talks about waters
  • 1 degree increase in the temp of ocean
  • flooding of ground water
  • carbon dioxide is consumed by the ocean
  • ice un Greenland is melting
  • our earth in unhealthy
  • rapid loss in birds and butterflies
  • loss of habitat for animals plus climate change
  • by 2050 25% of species will be extinct
  • looking at the 6th extinction
  • use carbon capture
  • need to plant trees
  • reverse deforestation
  • maybe green Algy
  • talk about the happiness factor
  • seven factor for happiness p. 167
  • maybe use the carbon tax?
  • where can we consume less
  • need courage to talk about climate change
  • need to use less energy
  • step one:  examine your values
  • step 2:  gather information
  • step 3:  can you make your personable activities with your values
  • document your data
  • Question about sample size about Popeye chicken?
  • step 4:  is your personal investments aligned to your values
  • step 5:  can you move your institutions towards consistency with your values
  • do we need to find the biggest lever for climate change? (OECD)
  • need to have a kWh/annum
  • look at home energy electric use
  • the world is getting much bigger
  • consumption is doubled
  • human waste is doubled
  • lots of stats on p. 191-193
  • there is to much plastic
  • sea level up by 4 inches
  • research in many databases were used
  • look at:
    • vital signs
    • UN data (many)
  • IEA
  • fisheries
  • railways
  • losing 40% of corn from field to…?
  • EPA
  • Solid waste is increasing
  • Recycling
  • easy food on demand
  • yeah for Norway
  • Read Four degrees and beyond, A review of climate geoengineering proposals
  • the author did a fast food study
  • on page 201 gives web site for economic activities
  • Was the author a Lutheran?

5 thoughts on “The Story of More by Hope Jahren (Climate Change)

  1. six factors of happiness:

    1. ‘social support
    2. freedom to make life choices
    3. generosity
    4. be absence of corruption
    5. healthy life
    6. per capita income


  2. in 1896 Svante Arrhenius warned that fossil fuel burning would cause global warming. Sine this statement the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere has increase by more than 1/3rd. page 130


  3. “The Story of More” Questions for Discussion

    –What is the significance of the title of the book? How did an expanding population and the need for “more” ultimately result in climate change?

    –How did the industrial revolution further contribute to climate change?

    -Were you surprised that scientists had already discovered evidence of climate change in the 1800’s?

    –Many of the climatic changes and changes in pollution levels that Jahren describes have happened in her fifty year lifetime. Have you observed climate change in your lifetime?

    –Were there any statistics in the book that were particularly shocking to you?

    –Do you agree that enough food is produced for the global population to have enough to eat if these resources were shared? Why or why not?

    –What do you think of alternative energy sources? Are these practical to develop? Why or why not?

    –At the end of the book, Jahren lists a number of actions that the average person can take to slow the rate of climate change. What ideas are you willing to put into action?


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