Nature’s Best Hope

See the source image

talking points:

Did not know that for the Presidential in 1970 that tricky Dick was a enviromentalist

talk about Leopold

Edward Wilson fishing accidemt

Little confused that we shouldn’t focus on a single item/event but at an environmental state

talk about vitamin N

goodness of planting trees and plants

We need biodivesity

Home grown natural park will teach you how to enjoy the natural enviroment instead of destroying it

turf grass has taken over meadows, forests, and prairies

Is Portland the Greenist city? all of Portland trees are imported from abroad

plant choice matters

need plants that collect insect foods

have us humans overtaken the precious resources on earth?

we looking at 52% extinction of all insects

talking of carrying capacity

number of population thaat can exist without hurting natural resources

Then importance of catapilliars

oak tees are the best for eco-system

the need for spiders (400-800 million tons of prey) WildOnes presentation

grow pocket prairie provide protection for visitors (provide pollen and nectar)

Do I need to create a bubbler?

don’t fertilizer

watch out for mosquito spray

educate uninformed people

We must act quickly to restore our nature

live with natur!

we need diverse ecosystem

Birds are like canariry in a coal find…great indicators

where is the grasshoppers? doing will in some places

  1. don’t have yard dervice
  2. mow yard
  3. plant a native plant for food for the grasshopper

To many deer are bad for our environment

landscape can decrease ticks

We all need healthy landscapes

the rate of movement of species is much to fast than normal

ecosystem[ˈēkōˌsistəm]NOUNecologya biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.”the marine ecosystem of the northern Gulf had suffered irreparable damage

The most destructive is the roadway…effects of humans

talk about natural selection…plants don’t adapt that quickly won’t adapt.

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