The New Wild by Fred Pearce

Alien is a type of non native plant, invasive takes spot to grow

gave acronym guide

Introduction: natives in the land of humans. They hatch hike to cruise the planet. They also spread disease.

Humans have done bed stuff to the environment

How does nature work? We should not want to take out invasive plants. We have changed our world too much. How does nature really work? Darwin didn’t talk about ecosystems. Nature is constantly changing (by water or fire). Heal from chain saws! Don’t welcome all alien species (curb their spread). That’s for ourselves, not nature.

Is the 21s century used to revitalize nature

we need to reboot our idea of nature and conservation species

Chapter 1

on extinct volcano “green mountain”

nothing is native, all by foreign navy

island created by humans

had a cloud forest, essential island

started with sea turtles and birds

island became hub for communication needs (from Brittan) longest air strip in world

island took seeds from all over the region. Spreading of vegetation. Island ha over 350 hundred plants.

ecological fitting (could be key factor)

odd things happen on islands (sap sucking insects)

ants like to be developed in colonies

most colonies clasped in 2014

Rats not human lead to non-pollination

snakes could also cause problems (brown tree snakes) 10ft long in Guam.

Big changes to the environment around Guam.

Chapter 2

discussed Australia

talk about European sheep (also rabbits)

these rabbits couldn’t fail

transatlantic exchange (traders)

most aveerything around the world came from traders (melting pot landscape)

issues for many islands

fungus came from people moving around (like rats & people)

Colorado beetle in Soviet Union in the 1950’s

Chapter 3

jelly fish in the black sea 8000 eggs per day

clogging fishing nets

human activities pave the way for invaders. (p. 40)

talk of ballast water…it might carry 70000 species

forms Algy!!!

temperature of each port temperature

Treaty was signed, but not used in 2014 to clean off ballast water

could increase the problem (killing items that eat bacteria in the tanks).

Though, you don’t need ships for invaders

the ocean is great for aliens to travel (their life cycle) p.46

if seeds don’t float, they might migrate by flight with birds. seed, algy, micros or with the winds (dust storms)

nature is in flux and is alway rearranging itself. Is it a natural process? p.50

Chapter 4

The Kudzu vine came to the US. 1870’s [font porch vine]

for live stock

fighting drought

grows 1 foot a day

talk of Tamarisk is a nest from eeisky birds

p. 58 talk of purple loose strife (liked by native bees)

aliens like disturbed places. Like lake Erie thus the Zebra muscle

they ate most of the pollutants.

the clarity of the lake has improved

zebra spreads throughout the midwest

Pg. 69 talk about the countries biodiversity

alien species promote biodiversity

Chapter 5

Britain a nation in knotweed (can thrive almost anywhere)

they brought exotics home 2300 alien plants in Britains

knotweed is an invasive species

was it from wild gardeners

victims of cross lovers

invasive like disturbed soil

around towns and transport areas (invasive plants likes)

talk about wild animals (bore farms) talk of pesticides hurting animals

Myths and Demons

Chapter 6

Ecological cleansing

why are their so many invasive plants?

Studies show that 7% of rainfall goes to foreign trees. p. 88

South Africa is a big on invasive trees

sometimes the cure is worse than the disease

talk of rain deer and duck issues

more talk about rodents not vegetation

led to soil erosion

birds, rabbits, cats, mice, etc. plus muskrats

align species comes alone

Use bio controller-like a toad to eat beetles (king toads)

talk of invasive animals (like panthers in Florida?)

talk of bring back ducks!

Chapter 7 Myths of aliens

cold war was a fear of invasive plants

foreign species are up to no good

remember zebra muscle from Russia

invasive plants are part of Homeland Security

a dandelion grows where there is sunlight

Aligns hurt biodiversity (hurts native plants)

High percent of natives have become extinct (p. 108)

study was for only the us (personal view) bad analysis

20 to 30% of interduce species are pests and cause environmental problems (p. 111)

source is questionable????

studies in South Africa yield a rate of only 10%

stats are wrong about aliens

biodiversity with cannels! it increases

are they a distructive force

is it the bedrock of society?

more talk of alien rats

p. 118 honeybee pollination is worth 20B per year

why isn’t there a second look to invasive plants

Chapter 8

The Amazon isn’t all native

land is fertile

Eupean invaders bringing plants and diseases

it;s a living landscape becamee rain forest about 500 years ago

Amazon area is mostly man maid

deliberant planning (rain forest)

dark earth 2500 years ago used for fertilization

Rain forest could be from human disturbance

Is the planet shaped by humans?

more talk of Africa.

danger of alien disease

we want unblemished nature

Chapter 9

people a causing destruction

human being destroying the harmony of nature

goes back to the garden of Edon

no such thing as a balance in nature!

is evolution an optimizing force for rodents?

fires are a renewal

nature like humans are stuck in a rut, needs cleaning up (with fire) 1980 in yellowstone

the forest recovered the fire on the land

want to take advantage of current situations (species…in he hot spot)

is it like falling in love…interaction between species

Fire shacks and bakes

ecosystems are generally open.

there are thousands of trees in the Amazon rain forest

ecosystems can change to different situations

change in nature is common

trying for stability will bring on instability

can they co-exit? (natural selection)

birds bring in new plants

Part 3

do we want to protect species?

the invader trees are good for soil, insects, and animal life

on an island the invaders have helped the recreation of nature (or the forest) from Porto Reco

Billions of acers are coming back RECOVERY!

invasive plants seem to come back after removal

can ecosystems recover from invasive?

when plows are put away, nature will come back

Chapter 11

the bad lands

it’s crowded!

industrialization also plays a roll

critter invading cities because if food and for safety

like coyotes in Detroit or Chicago

People talk that invasive plants hurt natives, but do they? It creates biodiversity.

38 fish species live in Chernobyl nuclear pond, natives like envirroment

more opportunity for wildlife

scientist agree that the disaster has made people move out

wild creatures like abandon buildings


do all species have to be saved, or once gone will it do gone forever!

managed ecosystems don’t need to be put together like Disney World.

Chapter 12 The New World

study shown that by 2050 over thousands of species will be in jeopardy with a degree of change in temperature.

we need to help the climate “keep up

specious of migration of plants

will extinction start evolution?

will aliens speed up the extinction of native plants. It will lead to space form diversity changes (like hybrid modification).

these hybrids become new species

big push to restoration ecology in the 21st century

The new wild need to be left alone to do its thing!

nature does not move back!

The land grabbers by Fred Pearce

One thought on “The New Wild by Fred Pearce

  1. The New Wild by Fred Pearce

    This was a very interest book to read.

    This book expressed a progressive optimistic view toward evolution
    Talking points:
    1. human activities pave the way for invaders. (p. 40)
    2. talk of ballast water…it might carry 70000 species
    3. the ocean is great for aliens to travel (their life cycle) p.46
    4. Studies show that 7% of rainfall goes to foreign trees. p. 88
    5. Aligns hurt biodiversity (hurts native plants), High percent of natives have become extinct (p. 108), study was for only the us (personal view) bad analysis
    6. Rain forest could be from human disturbance
    7. it’s a living landscape became rain forest about 500 years ago, Amazon area is mostly man maid
    8. human being destroying the harmony of nature
    10. will extinction start evolution?
    11. The new wild need to be left alone to do its thing!
    12. nature does not move back!
    Listed above are some talking points for our 11/17/2020 discussion


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