2 thoughts on “And I Shall Have Some Peace There: Trading in the Fast Lane for My Own Dirt Road by Margaret Roach July 2021 book

  1. Chapter 1

    She left the Martha Steward bus. Do you want to choose the easy way! How much can you tolerate? She ended up in the garden north in the woods. She goy herself better in control while leaving the big city. She had the time to do the things she earlier did not have the time to do. She thought nature would teach her and show her the way. Was her life scuffed off from the corporate world. Is Margaret on the right path? Be grateful for everything/anybody. Being afraid on snakes is a rough fear for gardeners. Talk of her ex-husband. [in the chapter she refers to Martha often] .

    Chapter 2 The direction to here

    she was a weekender from the city! She had shag carpet in the living room. She who lives in the World to she who lives in the woods. Story of stuffing paper into an old used tire. Meeting with Herb. Has a little religion note. Her house was by many animals. Witnessed 9/11 from their building (Martha Steward). She was a bird person, not a cat person. She has a garden for cats. (p42) Gardening was like yoga for Margaret. To be a gardener you come fac to face with powerlessness. Another religious note (mana). Gardening is like meditation (perfect union). “She was in the back-yard band”. People looking for connection. Asked: What is your intention? In dessert collecting rocks and getting sunburn. This is not about gardening is psychological! Tail telling and paying cash. Maybe the fire starter caused Margaret to change her thinking. Charles replanted a primed plant. She liked making lists

    Chapter 3 And away we go (7/14)

    She enjoyed the silence in the woods, she wanted to get away from all the noise, but hers. She has a couple blue birds for the winter. A man hears what he wants to hear. She bought binoculars for her graduation gift of retirement. Martha (Steward) said learn something new every day! Do plants make less food for their own survival? She made a list of life is ideal I am…… Challenges of living along…like dignity.. She drank tea. She would forget ear ring 3-4 times a year. She even started to speak to herself. She had a list for everything! Refers herself as being in the spin cycle. She even saw Richard Nixon on the beach. Her parents did not belong to any churches. She didn’t drink until she was 40. She was a picky eater. She is a vegetarian. Did she lose her yoga? (too tough, to easy, etc.). A gardener lovers her filthy lover (spring). There is some type of balancing act in the spring woods. (p 92 or 34%).

    (7/15) She was looking for tulips for her house…garden time. Odds of being struck by lightening 1/240,000. Uses crazy stats?? [she is worried about lightening!] She also does not snakes! Snakes take like chicken! She can not get unemployment. She thinks that she need connection. She went to see Johnathan and get yoga. She quit her job and moved to the garden.

    Chapter 4 – Asserting my powerlessness (p. 108 or 39%)

    She has an issue with mice. She knew difference between a mole and a mouse. She ends up buying a portable generator. Long list of survival needs for the winter (winter is coming). Herb even has a list (p. 116). She got a call from her man hunter to find a mate. This guy was his road warrior for hire. Took out the driveway for view of the garden. This meant no plowing (124). No yoga for a year! She is having some entitlement issues. “don’t shit where you eat”. She enjoyed frozen cat shit from Jack the cat. She even drinks alone. She talks to herself. She asks: who am I? It seems as though she is looking for a master. (p.147 or 53%)

    She likes to start over P. 166

    Chapter 5: Giddiness wears off

    Gardeners know that you need to bury your dead…right away (like squash). Margaret feels that she needs to be something! Her quest for country living. Talk about “her threshold”. Has an issue with her exes. Also shovels scat from her animal planet domain. She reflects on her Martha years. Does she want the chase sex? (p. 193 or 70%). (7/17) She opened up her garden for a touring. She cooked meat for the touring party. Surviving is a sign of success. Sleep is pleasurable. She now has to dip into savings. Yoga is still lost. She even uses organic fertilizer. A woman who increasingly basks in for quality of just enough, but not a pinch more.

    Chapter 6: Trying on a myth for size

    She might be a chart person too! A life left behind is like to cloths from working with Martha Steward. She was looking at a woodchuck stuck (drowning) in her pond [thus the woodchuck was saved by Margaret and Susan]. She likes the word threshold. She was pumped up with her hot water machine. 77%

    (7/18) Talk about cover crops. Marg wants to buy a tractor with Susan. She wanted a machine of her own. Does she compare herself to a spider? Did Margaret become a bag lady? (p. 224) She wanted to burn her wardrobe. Do you have to kill off your old self to get to the new?

    there are different well in your heart (for growing plants) 84%

    (7/19) A group of frogs is an army. She also likes Johnny Cash – I come to the garden alone (p.239) Talk of serpent around her domain.
    In Green We Trust – Maggy’s garden
    She talks again about being childless P. 239-40

    It can’t be done all at once.

    find Voodoos death, try to stop thinking! talking about left brain country. Doing nothing can make you wise!
    ducks bob their head for matting?

    at the end of he book she became a cat person.

    All from the eleventh-century taught being grateful for everything.. Busy hands are helping hands p. 255
    list of identity

    1. capture things in words
    2. creativity where do you get guidance
    3. Nice girl scout picture
    4. pride of her small tractor

    I Give this book a two smiley face

    lots of acknowledgements! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITH PERMISSION

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