Second Nature: a Gardeners Education (Re-read from 2018)

May 2021 discussion:

nature and culture could work together

talk about removing a woodchuck that hurts your garden

discussion of your lawn by your neighbor

chapter 1

bought house on long island (authors father)

A Gardner is looking for soil as much as plants

you can’t print more land

front yard is the key to your landscape

we need a democratic landscape for the neighbors

A forest was changed into a yard

start of the circular driveway

the father had a remote control yard (the controller was is his boxers)

Jimmy grew pot at a marihuana plant

hippies in a vegetable garden

Chapter 2 pest in the garden

author was using herbicide

looking for the woodchuck borrow

the author did not put up a fence. He thought a fence was out of landscape deesires

talk of loosestrife on p. 41

the woodchuck ignored the dead woodchuck that was crammed into the borrow

thousands of weed seeds are jump hanging around for the optimum time to germinate p.46

lawn grows great desire/with human intervention p.48

now trying to use an electric fence

nature has a much better solution to pests than humans p. 53

Chapter3 Why Mow?

lawns are primed in the US

trouble with lawns could have neighbor issues

mowing your yard is for civil disobedience of your yard

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