One Mans Garden by Henry Mitchell



life depends in plants; we are alive by plants. Some like speculation, stealing, or murder. Not all people like gardening. Talk of horse manure in the winter. Some gardeners like wildlife in the garden. It was turned to birds and squirrels.

Architecture to make a garden glow:

resist desire to grow MORE.

need placement in a designed setting (garden)

walks should be 5 ft. wide 12-20 ft. in height

water is very important

bigger is better!!

Talk of rubber tree plant

some will die of thirst, could cut the top off

bulbs didn’t flower (no gardening means)

Maintenance free Gardening [not right thinking]

the more you dig the greater mess you will make

talk of Poke weed making many roots

Decided about the tomato plant.

plant 2-3ft away

plant 2 per adult

don’t let the tomato being dead ripe on the vine

Hybrid tomato’s?

think of 4 square feet for growing

“Every human should have a grape vine” (p.16)

are gardeners the elect of the earth (p. 18)


gardening is full of mistakes

any fool can succeed growing seed indoors (p.24)

don’t grow inside! (p. 24)

nuts! wait until late April (late spring)

wait till mid May and plant seeds outdoors! (p. 25) plant about a foot apart.

use florescent “shop-lights” for light.

call a good electrician for lighting desires

(p.26) clean your soil

(11%) The imperfect Gardener

  1. failure to enclose garden
  2. planting to close togetherr
  3. focus on one thing at a time, like seasonoing
  4. blooms from May to November

climate changing in compared to England

Nature vs. Nurture

stamens curves

differences between blooms (with Iris variety)

watch out for water and sun

iris small environment means

talk of Darwin and his flowers

how to vines climb? (like Darwin) most important botanist

writing of the Ogrin of Species

Author misses clay plots

shake the dirt off a plant. Gardener like their soil

A cypress is good for the garden

plant a dogwood a native tree

A Screen of Shrubs

outer and inner row

think about the border and where it should be placed (p.36)

Maybe use a butterfly bush that brings out bumblebees

5 foot inside the outside row

  1. Jasmin
  2. Abelia x grandiflora
  3. Taxus or yew
  4. Azaleas (could be white…make handsome bush
  5. good scarlet
  6. Barberries

Timing is the key:

time is what gardening is all about

Roses come and go. For roses blooming only once

Rise and fall of plants…thinking a plant should last forever



grow the most beautiful flower you can

grow what you can (for the best)

Think of a fish pool :)use steel and use Ivey

concentrate at the center of the garden

Days of Magic from manure

The Thin line between nature and human nature (p.51)

The system (nature) has to do with death/works on all living creatures

plants have no feelings (we think!)


plants are limited to certain areas

tumbleweeds came from Russia

Wort is the name of a plant (old word)

gardeners depend on seedling

snap dragons like to grow in a wall

forgotten seeds, surprising sprouts

make sure you label everything

for gardens have simplicity!

small spots make many?????

use spring bulbs

T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month”

normal gardeners learn to take the weather in stride

floral perfection is the peach tree

most gardeners buy their fruit at the store

26% (p.73)

What’s growing under the apple tree (p.73)

where do apples come from?

sex in apple trees (prevent all people are the same.)

apples are fruits (babies) for fruits

sex isn’t simple some genes are dominant, other apples can be influenced

apples can also be grafted or tissue of an apple

apples can be different color, shape, or have a different flesh

In Mr. Jeffersons Garden (p.76)

was he an outstanding American? (poor collection of data)

The Negro dog’s must be killed to secure the wool (p.77)

He had a passion for plants

LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE (P. 80) (look out for black spot)

Look out for the weather

Nothing is gained by spraying poisons

spray aphids and Japanese beetles (which dislodges them and unfortunately kills them). (p.82)

12/3/2021 (p.83 30%)

Discovering bulbs

ordeal with crocuses

bulbs are good for the garden!

every gardener needs to work with bulbs

Gardens grow and grow!

garden and its extra space (that’s what you need…space!)

gardeners like to tuck in plants in a garden

Wherever one gardens is the best place

Talk about pinks (P. 93)

Iris last for 2 days (p.94)

Talk of the Agava plant (P.97)

as large as a volkswagon

Lilacs that bloom in the spring (p.98)

Lilacs should be planted eight feet apart, preferably 10, with a 6-foot min.

soil texture can make about a two week impact on growth (P.101)

Garden Pest don’t bug me (p.102)

spraying posions (p.102)

spray doesn’t work for the author

in summer the birds eat the beetles (p.102)

the author does not spray bugs

The Beauties of the Black Locust (p.104)

locust have brittle wood breaks off/falls

has nice leaves

grow quickly

(p.105) 38%

It’s not necessary for a garden to be beautiful (p.105)

it’s your own paradise

Tea Roses (the secret of success)

plants are safer outdoors (p.114)

hybrid -Ts seem to die out of blackspot (p.115)

China roses resist blackspot

protect from the wind

they have smaller flowers, low scent (p.115)

what can be planted on the edge of garden. (p.116)

roses are the queen of flowers

41% (p.118)

Saponaria, lamb’s ear (P.118) for roses beds and snap dragons or poppies

Don’t do stupid things!

some plants are grown for the foilagr (p.124)

day lilies last about 3 weeks

they are disease and insect freee= (p.124)

to begin buy cheap day lilies (p.125)

smallm garden:

keep the center open

worried about crocuses

draw garden in paper

around edges put you favorites

walks are usually to narrow

galen hubride don’t make “things” to small

talk about bindweed (p.135)

for water lilies the pool should be 24 inches

larger than you think is right

don’t use house paint

have seaweed

keep pools floor clean

don’t grow water lilies from seed (p.140)

50% (p.144)

Discussed Madame Galen hybrid trumpet vine (p.145)

watch out for trimming, could take out a roof (attracts hummingbirds)

Dragon flies do not like water (p.147)

Lesson is to plant July through September for iris (should be trimmed every 3 years (p.148)

a wise gardener does not jam plants “in”. (p.149)

Prouset used to say that the things we bitter regret are the things we never let our hearts long for (p.155)

The bulb I couldn’t resist (huge bulbs) (p.154)

what is a crinum?? (p.157)

black-eyed Susan (p.158)

flowers planted by seeds is by saving seed….etc. was your plant the same

think about bees pollinating

what flower do you save the seed from?

hand pollinating is how “better boy” is formed for tomato’s

You want a hardy tomato if you are a trucker (p.162)

Don’t waste your time growing tomato’s

Sunflower seeds are liked by cardinals (p.164) American plant

the moon-flower (p.171)

gardeners like butterflies (p.173)

60% (p.174)

Felicitous flowers for early fall

the Japanese anemone

tieing up the stems

most flowers will not grow in dry shade

barrenworts does not allow weeds (p.175)

Divide and multiply (p.178)

horse manure is key for clay soil

talk about losing gardening tools (p.178)

chemical fertilizer should stay 6″ away from the stem (P.182)

put bud directly in water once cut

gardeners need to like goldfish (p.184)

look at a dogwood for a tree

leave things alone when it’s doing good. (P.197)

don’t plant things to deep, maybe use plotting soil (weed free (P.201))

(70% P. 202)

One reason gardeners look good, but they (we) don’t continue maintenance (p.202)

take a little extra time for maintenance (p.203)

don’t start building something

Houseplants take over (P.205) people throw out houseplant because they don’t want to bring them inside.

once plant come into the house the inside continues to grow (p.206)

Turning over a new leaf (P.212) leaves are there to observe all summer

Beauty of leaf is the mulleim (p.214)

Crimes against a rambling rose. It needss space to grow, or cutting it back will limit the flowers for the next year. Don’t overgrow the growing space (p.214)

A dormant clematis is brown. (p.216) beautiful of all vines

Simple people makes the best gardeners (p.218) instruction for planting Peas

potting soil i sbetter than the clay mass from the garden (p.218)

Order seeds in January (p.219) soak seed before you plant.

need to pick flower so they will rebloom (sweat pea) (p.220)

For the winter

all plants should be indoors

potato vine issues

enclose garden with shrubs

Don’t like the thought “no grass to grow” (p.225)

gardening is just like the stock market, don’t put everything in one basket.

Gardeners are grateful for blessings (p.228) GRATITUDE!

where have all the poppies gone

was planted at thanksgiving

poppies grow from seed

(80% P.233)

birds like poppie seeds

talk about volunteer poppies

talk about hollies

Jefferson liked humming birds


4 oz of sugar in a pint jar and fill with water

use bee balm, (p.242 hummingbird plants)

(83% p.247)

In gardens grouping provides great wonders (p.247)

blankets of snow and sunset makes the garden took good.

Jefferson also likes peaches grown from seed

gifts: (p.250)

  1. peat moss is good for gardener
  2. lopper (that will cut 2in)
  3. load of manure
  4. box bush??
  5. pruning saw
  6. watering plant
  7. bulbs
  8. Christmas Catus is like a puppy

for men:

  1. Weathercocks
  2. sheet copper
  3. sheet lead
  4. horse throughs
  5. Latch
  6. dowels
  7. two-inch plank
  8. telephone (copper wire)
  9. tarred twine
  10. rAat poison
  11. brick
  12. buckets
  13. cedar shaver
  14. 4X4 post
  15. cut stone
  16. lanterns

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