Florel Farm’s A Year in Flowers 

Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season Kindle Edition

Downloaded 6/21/2022

Started 7/13/2022

Floral design was tough to learn.

Uses natural floral design

Need process and learn flower farming and mentors

The author is a farming florist.

Florist got to harvest from the field

She is also a sharer of knowledge

  1. Get all equipment
  2. Need workspace need high table with adequate light
  3. Have a floral toolbox (use rubber band #19 for bounces of flowers) (page 121) need pruner’s
  4. Mechanics like chicken wire and floral pillow, use flower frogs
    1. Pin frogs
    2. Floral adhesive clay
    3. Cage frogs
    4. Hair pin frogs insert stems at any angle
  5.  Vessel
    1. Need container for arranging
    2. Stay away from fishbowl, but keep glass available for use
  6.  Sourcing                   
    1.  Use local supplies (quality matters)
    2. Some flowers are void f personality
    3. Pay attention for what is growing in your backyard
  7.  Floral wholesalers (could cause issues)
  8. Local Farms
    1. Each farmer has their own niche
  9. Grow your own cut flowers
    1. Forage:  free material like wreath making
    1. Respect plant…use pruners (don’t rip)
  10. Caring for cut flowers
  11.  Each flower is different
    1. Get max. vase life
      1. Use high quality clippers
      2. Harvest earlier when it cools
      3. Flowers should be put in water
      4. Cut when flower is 1/3rd open
      5. Cut for a longer stem
  12.  How to care for flowers after harvest
    1. Remove lower leaves
    2. Always use clean buckets or bases
    3. Let flower rest before arranging
    4. Cut stems again to encourage drinking water
    5. Keep your flowers in a cool spot
  13.  Hydration p. 282
    1. Need to be pumped up
    2. For black eyed Susan’s add some bleach to the vasr
    3. Floer food
      1. Sugar
      2. Acidifier
      3. Biocide
    4. Change water every other day
    5. Add preservative
    6. Add hydration products [can increase life by 60%)
      1. Quick dip
      2. Products are:
        1. Hydra flora
        2. OVD from Chrysal
  14. Design:
    1. Mechanics
    2. Vace
    3. Colors
      2. Warm and cool colors (yellow with pink is warm) (blue with pink is cool)
      3. Shades of greens are limitness
      4. Layering you need to give the eyes a place to rest.   Like having 2 or three layers.
      5. Work on color bridging to attach two different colors.
    4. Mimic the way plants grow
  15. Design fundamentals
    1. Consider the viewpoint
    2. Need to modify ingrediency
    3. Ingredientes should be about twice the height of the vase
    4. Work around parameter
    5. Pace yourself p. 68 (one at a time)
    6. Know when to stop
    7. Hone your skills
  16.  Structural foliage
  17. Textural ingrediencies
    1. Vines
    2. Berries
    3. Branches
    4. Pods
    5. Firms
  18.  Supporting flowers

Stems with sprays of flowers

  1.  Focal flowers ****
  2. Airal Accents -that will draw people in*****
  3. Essential techniques
    1. Create a strong base
    2. Keep the center open ****
    3. Think of a solid base or vessel
    4. Structural foliage
  4.  For a vase “compress chicken wire”
    1. Focal flowers are the stars of your creation
  5.  Centerpiece
    1. So it will hold wire or block view
    2. Build from the outside in ****
    3. What’s a flower frog?*****
  6.  Hand tied market bouquet
  7. Make a bridal bouquet
    1. Twist stems at a 25 degree angle
  8. Some flowers like to be shown off by themselves (need heavy vase)
  9. There are also seasonal bouquets
  10. In spring life returns to the garden
  11. Wild and Refined Bridal Bouquet
  12. Make a flower crown   39%
    1. Discussion how to create a crown
    2. Ingredients
    3. Reduce weight
    4. 43%
  13.  Moody Blues Vignette
    1. Authors likes   sweet peas started he garden farm
    2. She has grown over 100 types
    3. Author has made over 40,000 market bouquet
  14.  Cosmos is the best to have fresh cut flowers (last longest in bouguetes
  15. Can make a wrist corsage
    1. Sturdy ingrediencies
    2. Listed at 46%
      1. Remove flowers from stems
      2. Swirl glue on the center of the cuff
      3. Stick layer of fine moss
      4. Apply enormous amount of glue to the back of flowers
      5. Dip with more glue and moss
      6. Use textural ingredient’s
      7. Glue any lose spots that are open
  16.  Sun flowers are the best, easy to grow, birds likw the seed
  17. Black and white bridle bougees
  18. Make an evergreen wreath for a gift! 58%
    1. Focus on base
    1. What needs to be highlighted
  19. Bachelor button is good for 6-8 days
  20. Black eye Susan face life is 7-10 days
  21. What’s face life?
  22. Branches have a face life of 7 days
  23. Grass has face life of 5-7 days’
  24.  Explained the droopy test 78%
  25. Stressing local flowers that are seasonal
  26. Good reference material (for records 79%) for supplies and stuff, plus web pagew for various suppliers
  27. Shared her acknowledgment for writing this book.  Also acknowledged Martha Steward
  28. Good index for refences.

One thought on “Florel Farm’s A Year in Flowers 

  1. The book talked about Textural ingrediance likr (Vines, Berries, Branches, etc.) but did not “get” the reason why to have these!). It’s the same for supporting flowers. Maybe a little more could be written about color/shape. I enjoyed how te focal flowers were addressed along with using airal accents to draw people into your floral design. Learned that when making a centerpiece I should start on the outside and work in for my focal display. Should also use a solid base or vessel. “Build” from the outside in. I don’t think I was smart enough for this book. Though I liked the step-by-step plan on building a wreath. It seemed as there was a lot of pictures with little meaningful text. Question…. What’s a flower frog?


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