The New Climate Change War by Michael Mann

Down loaded book the 19th of July 2022

was told that I should read the last chapter first…I guess I just don’t know

A book club member is hosting our August meeting

copy right of book was in 2021

Issue of Fossil fuels.

In the 70’s James Black warned about climate change

The old saying guns don’t kill people, people do! Same with the tobacco industry and lung cancer. Talk about the crying Indian. Talk of plastic waste.

We are seeing the results of climate change. It’s all about misinformation.

Quote from George Bush “we are addicted to fossil fuels”

We need to stay away from inaction.

Don’t get overwhelmed from the doomstayer.

  1. Disregard
  2. A child shall lead them
  3. Educate
  4. Changing the system

this causes fear and anxiety

Is life rare with water (p. 7) Are we alone?

Chapter 1

Kill the messenger

It’s all about misinformation

discredit the messenger

it all started back in Norway that a person noted the facts of a poison water supply

misinformation started with tobacco, gas and paint industry

then comes acid rain, ozone depletion (Sulfur Dioxide)

It’s all about government policy

talk of Sagan and the “cosmos”

talk of “nuclear winter”

Talk of James Hansen (under Reagon)

Koch brothers deny climate change

looking at the Kyoto Protocol for carbon emission

Thus, the hockey stick relates to the hockey stick

talk of media people 😦 + the Saudi people

stolen email (Copenhagen) along with Russian vs. Trump issues

You can’t fool mothernature

wildfires in California

linkage to climate change

2019 wildfires in Austrial

climate change could be a trillion dollar “hinge”

talk about a carbon tax

“It’s not to late”

quote on page 47

talk about gun lobby

40,000 people are killed by guns

talk of chemical and tobacco companies

deflection campaign (play on fear) could be fake stories

people can stop pollution

be simple and encouraging

crying Indian was a fake!

plastic rain is the new acid rain

Do the right thing to influence others

need policy changes!

Eating meat is related to climate change??

it’s all in the individual behavior

let’s hear of some real action, not donations!

it’s the way people are living their lives (p.67)

democrats don’t follow fossil fuels rules

it’s all on social media, uses control bots

1/4 comments are made by bots p.72 dealing with climate change

focus on positive issues p. 72

individual action vs. civil change

individual responsibility is important (live style p. 76)

who is doing the carbon walk? p.77 meat only gives 6% of CO2

Do we meat shame?

A child doubles your carbon footprints P.79

Can you afford to live with carbon sin? P.80

Al Gore was not walking the walk.

talk about the carbon footprint

am I an inactivist??? trolls, bots use BOT sentenal?

Need government influence for some needed policy

talk about cap & trade, and a carbon tax p. 99-101

talk on carbon tax is bad for the poorer people. Progressive??? p.108

Pope believes in carbon tax.


talk about and climate change issues

talk about the liability of taxes….is it to much? like a carbon tax?

Green New Deal

is capitalism threating today’s life?


need market incentives

key stone pipelines (game over for the pipeline)

have demand issues too??

Bernie “flipped” on carbon pricing

Chapter 6 sinking the competition

stop all the subsidies

tea party pictures on p.125 (koch brothers!)

then comes the Teslas

Fox news and the conservative ideas

renewable energy is better for developing countries (popes thought)

will renewables take away jobs?

job retrain skill…yah??

Moore POTH film. p. 136

watch “your” carbon footprint

biomass has poor data P.137

Moore and Gibbs talk about actions of others p. 140

did moore want to jump on bandwagon


p. 142 it got interesting!

all about incentives

the book is tough on fox news

Alaska gets the least amount of sunlight p. 144

Chapter 7

issues of fracking for Natural Gas

natural gas uses about 1/2 the carbon as coal?

CCS systems are bad!!

fossil fuel groups like CCS

can we engineer us out of this mess? P. 154 un-intentual consequences


maybe hurt solar power

geoengineering provides an unwanted state of being; P.158

maybe carbon burial P. 158

who makes decision for the thermostat? p.158

geoengineering is liked by fossil fuel P. 160

Gates wants geoengineering P. 160

Direct Air Capture

is this bold action

think of Trumps plan

11 billion tons+11 billion=22 billion but we are producing 55 billion

this is the best guess P. 166

so reforestation does not look like the best

BBC issues

talk of using cow crap

The nuclear option

climate change is less reliable for nuclear reactors

(need water to cool reactors).

Maybe a new reactor?

renewable is competitive with fossil fuels

Republicans accepted climate change, no big plan, just plant trees p. 174

“get fucking used to it” P. 175

Real Climate Solutions p. 177

  1. energy efficiency
  2. electrification
  3. decarbonization


climate change is doom


also promotes hurricanes, droughts, burning, locust

Am I a denier?

Time to act is now!

Are we overacting this issue BUT fear does not motivate

is it a lost cause

are we decarbonizing the economy and promoting animal extinction

Trolls and bots are working Facebook about carbonization

like “who can afford an electric car”

P. 186 Democrats are worse than Republicans for climate change

doom for future generation P.190

will meet our doomsday in 2026

Russia used social media for the 2016 election

Vote for the Donald

talk about GRANT MONEY

notes that some of the artic warming was way off

talk about danger with methane (running out of control)

we can control how we “use carbon”

talk of a methane bomb

also, some virus P. 198

fossil fuel people like this doom thought P. 199

were fucked P. 199

engineering will be used to adapt to climate change P. 202

Talk of the Hothouse Artical chapter 5 to decarbonize the earth SPECULATIVE

Uninhabitable Earth

it’s a bleak InSite

does article deliver

When is this going to occur?

Much speculation along with “the bell-shaped curve”.

this doomsday gathers much $$$$$$$

cost of action or dissection

number might be wrong

talk of emissions are declining is on the transition to a renewable energy.

talk about not following the 2015 Parris agreement

Have an opinion….it’s about worse case condition.

use false scientific evidence to create fear

try not to use the word extinction.

Meeting the challenge chapter 9

floods, wildfires, plagues

rising sea levels p. 228

Tipping Points

democratic eyeleted in 2018

carbon pricing is important to democrats p. 230

climate denial is a liability

For investments do we need to mortgage the earth for immediate investment P. 234

many investments groups are not supporting climate change

we are about to turn our power into renewable P. 238

The slower to act, the more costly it becomes


Are future is still in our hands P.252

well-being of future generations P.253

Are the climate change issue insolvable P. 256

climate change people distort the science P. 258

skepticism for climate change like with fire in California P.261

how does carbon pricing work?

Are we looking at a reset??

what about fake news?

Gates does not like renewable energy. It’s all political issues

Gates has investments in technical fix

now is there a work around?

what policies will help reduce climate change

2 thoughts on “The New Climate Change War by Michael Mann

  1. From time magazine Aug 22, 29 edition on page 70. About doing good. “how much comfort should we be willing to trade for potential enormous gain to society?”


  2. 7/25/22: The first three chapter had almost nothing to do with plants or gardening. Maybe the author is establishing a “baseline” for the book. I was also interested in the plastic rain thought.


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