The Nature Fix by Florence Williams


was referred to this book from a webinar I attended about Japanese Gardens


Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative


I. story of hiking and phone mapping (to determine wat makes people happy). Basic survival skills met. Paper shows that people are happier outside

II. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

III. I-phones take up 26 min. more than android

IV. Place matters

V. Does nature have influence of your soil

VI. We are losing are touch to nature

VII. We are all more aggressive, mood, relativity

VIII. Person was uneasy after the move (nature neurons) nature deficit disorder)

IX. Ability to think

X. This book is brought down to 5 parts

in 2008 homo sapiens officially became an urban species (World Heath Organization data) shows more people live in urban areas than rural P. 10

massive migration of people

Chapter 1. Biophilia Effect

  1. Japan likes to bound with nature
  2. death from overwork
  3. let nature into your body 5 ways
  4. Forest medicine
  5. look out for anti-depressant
  6. meditation makes your brain smarter and kinder
  7. only works for about 30% of people
  8. so, hang out in trees.
  9. love of life
  10. it’s like why we build a house on the lake
  11. walk in nature
    • decrease blood pressure
    • nerve activity’
    • decrease heart rate
  12. Food taste better in the outside
  13. Health benefits of being in nature
  14. how long does the walk in nature relate to real world time.
  15. the Use of NK cells
  16. plus soil compounds P. 28
  17. Evergreen cells can make you feel good and live longer
  18. could nature increase our productivity? P. 30

Chapter 2 How Many Neuroscientists Does it take to Find a Stinki00ng Milkvetch?

Brains are clone for mistakes

go to the desert to find nature (just like Jesus)

what is the mechanize for the thrill of nature

hafd a day in nature and the neuroscientist was more creative. P. 36

study show nature makes you 50% more creative.

lots of variable in this study P.37

Exercise helps brain cells grow and keeps the brain from cognitive decline. P.37 (Kramer)

metal state is all about attention P. 38

we are all in a “wired world”

nature will prevent us from the digital media

we are wired for a social connection P.39

nature is for mindfulness p.40

Attention is taking control of the mind p.42

We have distraction from the digital world

your brain tracts 4 things at once P.43

nature gives you fewer choices p.43

humans have brains affected by social needs p.43-4

order of arrow talked about on p. 44

we create an environment: artificial environment


executives (intellectual)

spatial network

default (daydreaming) p.46

Attention Restoration Theory (ART)

lowers our anxiety P. 49-50

nature captures your attention p.51-2

can nature be a “break” for me? P.54

Is nature able to change our brain, or is it just leaving the bad stuff back in the city p. 55

brain imagining is important p. 55

manipulate the environment p. 55

Part 2 Nearby nature: the first Five Minutes p. 57

chapter 3 The Smell of Survivsl p. 57

talk of forest healing instructor P. 59

attempt to medicalize nature p. 59

look at the cypress trees

stress level test P. 60

heart rate minitor all goes into a database for study p. 61

talk of forest bathing P.61

old trees change your spirit p. 61

the smell helps

DMZ in Kores is 160 miles long and 2.5 miles wide

Soil is also goood for cancer

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