Neuron smart wellness made easy by Julia Jones, PhD


Neuron is an amazing nerve cell that rules our existence

Good health is by reputation

we needed to know more about our brain it lasts a lifetime

wellness is an art

bio hacks are: sound, vision, breathing, and moving

Chapter 1 Back to the Future

health and wellness don’t work

you have to master your brain (health tool)

most people don’t know about your brain

sound is good for brain

We have the pandemic amplifying the growing shift in mindset for wellness

we need to go back to basics we need good habits

We have 20 realizations of harm:

  1. prescribe drugs
  2. Processed foods
  3. Talk about sweeteners low carb and fat, fat is vital. Our brain shrinks as our waistline expands
  4. Dieting and gyms and i=unnatural things for the brain to comprehend
  5. Appling stress causes a flight or fight response
  6. Caesarean section birth (issue?)
  7. Bottle feeding is bad for babies jaws
  8. Mouth breathing is Bad (mouth disease)
  9. light bulbs and screen time confuse the circuits of the brain, sleep is important for wellness
  10. Chronis stress
  11. TV viewing has increased
  12. Eating habits of long workdays (eat later in the day)
  13. Retail selling of food we are overconsuming
  14. unhealth foods/cigs
  15. Fast Food markets
  16. Pesticides
  17. Lots of Plastics
  18. social media habits (trigger your brain)
  19. need social connections
  20. Pollution fears onmn water

Back to Basics

smart wellness

  1. breathing
  2. biohaks
  3. technology

life of neuroscience is fast growing

Book cover 6 aspects


2. sleeping

3. moving

4. thinking

5. Breathing

6. consuming

Chapter 2 A Quick Bit of Brain Science p.32

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