One thought on ““Animals Vegetables Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver (March 2023)

  1. Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver was a re-read because our club read this book in October 2017. In fact, this was the first book in which I started taking and publishing notes. Now I’m not a school teacher, but reviewing some of my earlier notes (poorly written) makes me wonder how I “made” it through school? I’m going to follow the same note taking template of the past few reviews and give a short review of the script (which I re-read (this time it was a auto review)).

    I give it a rating of 😊😊😊, reason:
    Writing style is not for an engineer. Was there one main topic? Though, I liked how the book started out focusing on “local” providers like going to farmers markets! I was intrigued by the data of having 80,000 different variates of food and now it’s shivering down to 8 (like corn, grain,…etc). It was also interesting that the food on your plate travels over 1150 miles. Adding recipes throughout the book didn’t excite me. My relatives are/were dairy and corn farmers, and the plus giving to smaller farmer was good (better yield per acre). Of course, it all goes back to the world economy. I looks, as gardeners, we are losing the battle. We also must think that we are exporting goods and then importing the same type through trade! This book was informative, but what about an organized plan? Or was this an attempt to motivate the reader? I also buy fair trade coffee!!


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