Composting for a new Generation by Michelle Balz(April 2023)


Micelle is a compost fanatic.

likes talking to other composters about “their bin” & tricks and trades

George Washinton even had a compost pile

talk about successful backyard com-posting

this book gives a DIY kit.

Chapter 1

composting will amend you soil, and improve your garden (p.8)

ability to bind heavy metals so your plant won’t have too. (P8)

maybe reduce fertilizer (p9)

composting in backyard replicates what happens on the forrest floor

most important soil

effect soils all over the place

talk about earthworms

Benefits of compost is:

  1. Improve your soil
  2. backyard create rich humus soil
  3. compost helps soil contain water.


1 humas layer

2. top soil

Soil 101 p. 12

soil has layers

different fixtures

with bacteria

a horizon is top soil

b hoeizon has deeps minerals

c horizon is the substratum or parent material (rocks, verey little veggie layers)

compost is not soil

plants need 16 elements

compost helps your plants get these elements

as the material improves enviroment increse microorganisms

compost feeds the soil

compost incrreaseds a clay soil tilth.

helps prevent erosion.

works with Ph makes to more nutral

plant cover crops

com[post keeps water in your garden

start early with kids

Zero waste lifestyle

recycle everthing possible

composdt makes you happier, Mycobacterium mirrors antidepressant drugsby stimulating serotonin issues that makes you more relaxed and happy. Contact with you skin! 🙂

Compost could increase the number of important vitamins and minerals you grow.

Average household puts about 1234 pounds per year P. 16 30% of household could be composted

Composting decreases your carbon footprint.

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