The Kew Garden Girls by Posey Lovell (May 2023 book)

My Insights:

               Overall ,it was a good novel, but the information provided did not make me a better gardener.  For my smile face ratting I would give it a 😊 😊.  Story was wrapped around a garden where men who were employed at the garden were deployed to fight WWI.  What I thought was “interesting” was that Bernie, who was a “conchie” and retired school teacher, went to the library to escape being capture from the draft.   Ivy who couldn’t read was helped by Bernie (a fellow gardener).  Since Ivy could not read Bernie purchased a sketch book  for her.  She ended up making a book about Kew gardens.   There were issues with another female gardener and her husband Reg (I guy who likes to drink).  Ivy and Bernie like the smell of the garden.  Bernie was a pacifist.  There were also pub issues (fights).  This could have encouraged Jim to enlist.  Then talk about equal pay in the garden with the women only doing ¾’s of the work.  Ivy was carrying Jim’s baby (from Jims last night before he enlisted).  Since Ivy couldn’t read, Jim would send back seeds that “meant” something to him and for Ivy to plant at her assigned garden.  Notes from the author:  Authors notes It (the book) had a little imagination, the gardeners found faith with each other, book was all fiction, the author was also studing gardeners.  Thoughts: Flowers have language.  Plants have colors.  As a gardener you support and have each other’s back.


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