The Cooks Herb Garden (April book)

A Good Referance book

Talk of planting herbs is pots and baskets (7)

discussed everyday essentials (8) I like cilantro

Salad herbs (10) Dill

Mediterranean pots in free draing soil (12) Thyme & basil

Have always liked zinc (Middle Eastern garden)

zinc container (15)

herbal teas the most elegant and flavosome teas (18)

I didn’t think an onion was a herb (20) or garlic/chives

talk of growing dill (22-3)

Cilantro (35)

Cumin (35)

Citrus is also an herb? (36)

Oregano (54)

Dandelions alsoman herb? (68)

To Grow you need to be aware of the climate

no your hardy and frost hardy herbs (76)

there are also half hardy herbs and herbs that like wet soil (78)

list of invasive herbs (80)

Try growing a few herbs in a pot (80)

Designing a herb bed and finding their partners (83)

Saving the earth and making compost (85)

talk of growing from seed and transplanting (87)

instructions on how you should pot/grow young plants (88)

direction of propagation of herbs (90)

watring and feeding herbs in pots (92)

discussses “solarizing for weed control (94)

Discussed pruning (96)

talk of pests (98)

diseases (100)


leaves are the most commonly used part of the plant (105)

Discuss storage of herbs: in fridge,freezer, ice cube trays(108-11)

you need to dry to preserve the flavor of the herb (114)

instruction on how to braid garlic (118)


pre your harvest (122-7)

Use a combination of chopped herbs and soft buttter for more aroma (130)

receipis for rubs and coating were given (136-141)

an even put them ina marinades (142-45)

Even recipe for salsas (147)

Talk of the dandelion salad (151)

Dressing for slas was also discussed (156)

Herbs on Pesto (159)

making cold & hot sauces (161-65)

Herbs for soups (167-69)

Topping for a baked dish (171-73)

New to me Cordials!

Herbal teas (178-85)

Partner charts for food with herb (186-189)

One thought on “The Cooks Herb Garden (April book)

  1. Overall comment of the book:
    4 smiley faces beause……
    THis is an excellent guide understanding herbs and how to use herbs for cooking and how to bring our the “aroma” of the herb (referance my personal study with essential oils). ALSO discussed basic gardening practices (gardening101), and learned more ID of citrus andonions are clasified as herbs.


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